Majority of the poor are locked out of formal financial systems; with little or no access to formal financial services that can help them increase their income and improve their lives.

-FSD Kenya

Indicators on financial inclusion include:

  1. Bank Accounts opened
  2. Mobile Accounts opened
  3. Accounts with other Financial Institutions- SACCOs
  4. Usage of Account in the past one year
  5. Access to account opening: Financial and mobile Accounts
  6. Savings in the past year
  7. Other digital payments in the past year
  8. Credit in the past year

The 1st step to Financial Inclusion is access to cash.

Statistics state that 61% of Kenyan adults are gainfully employed with 67% of them holding mobile accounts, 28% holding bank accounts and 11% holding Non-Bank FI accounts.

The poor and small households rely mostly on odd jobs to make their money. Women help in steering and shaping the family finances in whichever direction. They are the bosses in what percentage goes into food, clothing and most of the house hold expenses. They however form the bulk of the people with little or no financial planning education. More efforts on their education and actual follow ups should be made in this regard.

Financial Inclusion starts with better data.

Kathleen Yaworsky

The data helps us understand deeper what financial products under-banked consumers and small households need and want. The progress made all depends on the quality of data at hand. Quality data creates the ability to know the right product to offer to the right client at the right time.

Most women are in chamas. This is where they save, borrow and often get their advice on money from. Juggling two or three chamas is a way of life in the village. How organized are the chamas and what is the main agenda on their table? The concern on Financial Inclusion thus shifts to the chamas. How do they bank, who offers them financial advice, are they multi-banked?

With this in mind, institutions aiming to promote Financial Inclusion need to take a closer look at the numbers and create programs that empower the poor, small households and the chamas.


Watch the sunset with me♥

Come along and watch the sunset
As I lay my head on your lap
Tell me of your dreams and wishes
Tell me how I never was in your grand scheme of things
As the sun sets I will listen
With a knowing smile I will be glad
With the night knocking I want to hear of your heart
Of the stories you are shy of telling anyone but me
I will know the bonds and the ties that know no end
The magic of the night so dark you can hear wind whispers
Carrying away with them tales of pure joy and love
These nights you hold close in memories
The kind that make you forgive some wrongs
The memories of a time when two hearts beat as one
These nights to be cherished



  1. strong and barely controllable emotion
  2. an intense desire or enthusiasm for something

Origin :

Latin – patti – suffer

late Latin – passio

Old French – Passion (Middle English)

Passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart, mind, body and soul into something as humanly possible.


Lately I have been obsessing and making a self inquiry on what I am passionate about. Taking the route of nature and believing, having faith that all will work out; that you will find meaning and purpose is no smooth journey. Sometimes it is a lonely road, no noises by the villages or cities, just empty waysides. Sometimes you find a comforting quote, this comes rarely but you take it. It gives you the strength to carry on and continue believing. You search for safe spots, sometimes you find them other times you just have to wait for the miracle.

There is however that one thing that you wish to put all your heart and soul into. You believe if done well, it would be the source of all your joy, your meaning in life.

Financial inclusion has been my cup this past month.

“The pursuit of making financial services accessible at affordable costs to all individuals and businesses, irrespective of net worth and size respectively. Financial inclusion strives to address and proffer solutions to the constraints that exclude people from participating in the financial sector.”

Also called Inclusive Financing.


When they say participating in the financial sector, aren’t we all at some point doing that?

What I feel strongly about is what makes the poor despite working hard jobs remain in that bracket? What makes some rise from such poverty to millionaires while others are not so successful? Is it the mindset, what we believe in or is it the economics of the world? Can this be changed, and if yes, how? This is what keeps me up at night.

The more I think about it the more I want to do something. Start somewhere. Make a change. Maybe start with the unbanked, towards the under-banked. Emergence of fin-tech has paved a way to reaching most of the unbanked, innovative ways to include most households.

However, even with M-Pesa, Airtel-Money and other mobile money transfer platforms, many unbanked households remain that, unbanked. The charges involved are still insane, with limited transaction amounts.

Top of the list on what to address would be where to earn good interest on savings, how to make budgets and follow through, those little things that bring about financial freedom, coupled with strong belief that what you think of most of the time is what you create.

Passion will drive one to great heights, this is when you give a cause your all and your best.

Financial freedom to all.





The thing with dreams when not acted upon, followed through, in a persistent way, they fade away. You start to forget the little details. Those seem to be left in a far distance. The passion fizzles off. You get tied up with the day to day hustle. Although your dream should be the day to day hustle, the society convinces you that somehow your dream will not pay off. Who needs a twenty nine year old who is yet to get a stable income? One who cannot tell what tomorrow will bring, whether your dream will materialize today or tomorrow?

Thats just one of the many routes to a slowly dying dream.

If you had a dream, how well would you execute? How long would you hold on. How long would you fight to stay afloat?

The society was built to support people with no dreams. Those who just follow other peoples dreams. We acknowledge that they are many in our places of work, in our social hang outs and even our families. People with no dreams are therefore only too lucky with the society setup. They can choose one of the listed dreams to chase and be extra successful. They make good pilots, good managers, good auditors. The motivation mostly being money, the greatest motivator ever coupled with status.

Dreamers have that unsettled feel when in spaces they aren’t passionate in. They get an itch to do big, to move, to do something diferent. You can spot them. Always changing and twerking things, just to try if the small changes will give them an answer to their restlessness.

Are you a dreamer? Dreaming big, or just passionate of something very different from whatever field you are engaged in? Listen to motivational talks till you gather up the courage to start. Start small, build from there. Be consistent. Be open to changes.

We all want to be dreamers but to some the education system was drummed to us too much that it doesn’t come as easy. We struggle with dreams and passions; never giving them the attention they need, always labelling them as hobbies.

Take a moment and reflect on what you think of in the most passionate terms. Would that be your passion and dream that you really haven’t started off on?

Take charge of your life. Live every moment. Start with knowing what your dreams are, then start small, build up.

And if you still can’t find that spark, of those dreams people keep talking about, don’t stress on it. Workhard wherever you are, give it all your passion.


I pray

I could have prayed for perfection
Instead I chose peaceful
I could have prayed for insane wealth
Instead I prayed for enough
I could have embraced a thousand friends
Instead I chose lone wolf
I could have choosen love
Instead I went indifferent
All these scars
All these moments
All these lessons
All the love lost
I do pray they lead me somewhere better
Somewhere safe
Somewhere peaceful
With joy that has no bounds

New normal

In the silent of night you stole my heart
Though you never knew it

You also broke it
You showed me impossible possibilities
Made me crack a lil bit
Poured a thousand jars of hope
Ignited something deep
Something I never thought existed

As it dawned and the hypnotization faded
I came back to my lonely world
It felt more alone than before
Wondering of what might have
What could have
You still lingered during the day
Flooding my thoughts every turn of the hour
Wondering when they get to fade away
When I go back to normal

But there is no normal
This constant thinking is the new normal
Finding little moments that could have been perfect if you were there
Craving your touch
Your wise misguided words
Your obssession with your stupid songs
The new normal sucks

Life Happens

When it dawned; of relationships and love

The hall was cleared out apart from the two,standing at the centre of it. They seemed to be having a heated argument, oblivious of their surroundings, including the giggles at the windows.
It was the afternoon prep time.
It only meant you were to be in class without any teacher supervising. Read a book, or just be quiet and stare in space. These were the best times for rumours and ‘noise making’, a prefects nightmare period. As a prefect you had to jot down noisemakers and yell a couple of times ‘keep quiet please!’. After the second yell one would take the noisemaker book and list those disobedient idle students down. The punishments were sometimes harsh, depending on the ‘teacher on duty’. The teacher on duty just roamed around the whole school ensuring order, quiet and calm sanity was maintained. Some were murderously bad while some were a walk in the park.

One rarely knows how a rumour starts, but it does, whispered between two people,it spreads, catches on like fire. No one questions a rumour at first, just the biting itch to spread it on. Empower the next person with juicy details on how rogue and irresponsible the subject of the rumour is. No one is new to the drill. We have at one time been victims or participated in the spreading. So on that particular afternoon, rumour was, ‘they were seen leaving a hotel room’.

Growing up in an African home meant that one never got to see public display of affection between parents. No matter how much in love they were, not even in the privacy of the home would they hug or kiss. Not infront of the kids, not infront of anyone. Bedroom matters were left to the bedroom. Children learned of love and relationships from T.Vs. And ofcourse most of the programs from the West that had any form of kissing too much and what not were banned. You had to watch them with a closed door just so as not to be caught. Getting caught meant weeks of zero T.V.
It’s difficult to say when exactly the kids learned of the so called ‘bad manners’. Play games ‘chamama na chababa’ started early on in life. In class three we had some ‘woke’ cute couple in our class. I always thought they were just lonely and in need of attention. Maybe I was the lonely one. Most private school kids had full access to all T.V programs. They knew the difference between fake love and real love. In other words they knew relationships. Some had their first kisses when too young, just like the Westerners they were imitating. Public school kids used to envy their freedom. Freedom to do anything it seemed.

As the rumour caught on, being closest to the hall, we sneaked out. Peeping from the windows, there they were, clearly they were arguing. Whispers of told you so were exchanged back and forth. Everyone trying to catch a word for later analysis. They were the cutest people in the school,a couple of classes ahead of us. We looked up to them. They were our role models.
Being too young and clueless, we formed an opinion. Admist us were some very ‘woke’ kids and they led the way as we navigated through the chaos of relationships. We learned and observed and listened.

The cute couple eventually got back together. I know not how in class four we could fathom leaving a hotel room meant they were in love and up to no good. But somehow we knew. It no longer became strange to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. It was unheard of in public school. Guess we choose to be different. Teachers could not understand our breed. Numerous meetings for counselling and advice were given especially to girls. Some of us just looked perplexed at the audacity of these girls. They were out there in the world declaring love and what not, getting flowers for valentine, and they scared the hell out of me.

But so the story goes. First time it dawned on me of love and relationships. I also knew it wasn’t for me -not for that while atleast.

Welcome October with love💙